Ladies and Gentlemen,

                                                          I feel honored to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for your support and cooperation. Head-Moly always consider the "Quality" and "honesty" as the cornerstone for company development, and try hard to meet customer's requirements for molybdenum products. The company implements the standards of ISO9001 quality control system in an all-round way, and adopts a cycle management mode of "carefully analyzing customer's demands----strictly controlling the production process----precisely examining the product quality----continuously improving the production technologies", forming a three-stage quality supervision mechanism of rigorously checking the raw materials----strictly controlling the downstream products----rigorously inspecting the ex-factory products, hence ensuring that the qualified rate of products on its first test run is up to 99%.

                                                          During the long time cooperation, we all along make the fulfilling rate of contracts 100%, the resolved rate of questions 100% , without arbitration and customer's appeal. Up to the present, we have established a complete set of scientific management systems, such as business management, production management, quality control, R&D and post-sale service system. We are looking forward to your help and support , and always taking "honesty and co-winning" as our basic purpose, taking "customer's satisfaction " as highest honor.

                                                          Welcome to your suggestion, we will value all the feedback from the customer worldwide. Thank you.

                                                          G. M.,W.Wang
                                                          Copyright  2006  head-moly  ,All Rights Reserved

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